What We Do For Business Owners

Connect business sellers to a large database of local and international buyers from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Australia and S. Africa. 80% of our buyers are foreigners and 20% are locals, comprising of private equity funds, public listed companies, larger SMEs and high net-worth individuals.

Facilitate the sales of small to medium size privately held businesses.

Provide stress-free sales and purchase process by handling full negotiation on your behalf, saving your time, energy and resources.

Fully assist in engaging relevant legal and financial experts to negotiate the best terms and conditions.

Maintain professional discreet conduct, exercise due diligence and uphold confidentiality & integrity to protect all parties. Read more >

What We Do For Business Buyers

Provide a large database of various trades and businesses for sale to fit your financial goal, experience, aspiration and lifestyle.

Understand your needs and recommend the appropriate and suitable businesses for you.

Pre-qualify the businesses in our stock, provide fair valuation, credit and financial checks of the businesses.

Provide complete assistance and fully handle the purchase process from start to end, ensuring a successful transfer of ownership.

For Foreign Buyers, we can assist on Shareholder Employment Pass Application. Read more >

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Buy Minority Shares in A Profitable Business

Win-Win Partnership Between Investors and Business Owners

We Provide

  • Fair Business Valuation.
  • Credit Bureau Reports for the business and its shareholders.
  • Prepare Presentation Slides.
  • We handle all negotiations to ensure the successful completion of the equity investment process.

Benefits For Investors

  • Passive income from dividends.
  • Partial ownership of profitable businesses.
  • Join and learn the rope of new trades.
  • The potential to fully run your own successful businesses.

Benefits For Business Owners

  • More capital for expansion.
  • The potential to increase revenue through investor’s network.
  • Synergy of expertise to reach greater heights.
  • The potential to find successors.

Why Value Your Business ?

About Our Business Valuation

Our comprehensive and accurate business valuation process helps answer the question that will lead you to plan and make informed decisions for the future of your business as well as your personal goals.

The valuation is done by an international valuer who have valued more than 33 million companies worldwide.

Your business is compared to 17 million others in the same industry in over 30 key areas.

A formal 20+ pages valuation report, inclusive of major Key Performance Indicators, at competitive rate.

Why Is Business Valuation Necessary?

1. Identify your business pain points better, rectify the problem and bring it to reach its full potential.
2. Decide on asset allocation among shareholders or partners
3. Facilitate funding opportunities from potential investors.
4. Help determine the value of your business in case you want to sell.
5. Ensure proper protection for your business and family.
6. Facilitate asset allocation during divorce.
7. Plan for retirement.
8. Prepare for your succession plan.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Tommy and LNT Global are the recommended advisors to have onboard when business and startup owners are in the process of an acquisition or a merger. Their much-valued expertise and knowledge helps the owners navigate the complex process with much ease and peace of mind.” 

Chua Kee Peow, Entrepreneur, Kaplen I. T. Services Pte Ltd

LNT Global was the first and only broker I engaged to sell my business and I remain happy with my decision.  Tommy brought his expertise and experience to the table and was instrumental in negotiating a win-win for many of the tricky issues we had.  He was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend him to other business owners.

Michelle Tan, Breakthrough Learning Centre

“As an entrepreneur, I would recommend LNT Global to any business owners or buyers who are looking to merge, sell, buy or invest in existing companies. Tommy of LNT Global know the selling and buying process inside out. As someone who has managed businesses he understands the mind-sets of business owners, investors, buyers, and what each of them wants to see. His wealth of experience, sharp insights and creative solutions were instrumental in the successful completion of the sale of my business. It is a pleasure to work with an experienced consultant who is able to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and steer me toward sound decisions.”

Regina Choo, Owner of a Printing Company

“I was very pleased to know Tommy from LNT Global Pte Ltd, who was polite and informative about the business which I  was considering to invest.  Buying a business could be very tricky as most business owners overstate the values of the company and do not disclose of their critical trade information. In the first two meetings, Tommy was objective and experienced in handling the negotiations, so that I felt comfortable to move on in the investment process.  He handled sensitive information between buyer and seller professionally, and remained patient throughout the whole process in assisting me to buy the business which I now own.”  

 Johan, Brinno Product Authorized Distributor

I have known Tommy for a year before I find a business that is suitable for me. We looked at many different opportunities together. Throughout the negotiation process, he has been professional, truthful and knowledgeable. He is always available and consistently there to answer all my questions, furnish all the necessary information, and negotiate for a win-win deal. He found an amazing opportunity for me and provided help with negotiating process. I truly appreciate his services and recommend LNT Global to everyone who is looking to buy or sell their businesses.

Kuznetsov Pavel, Ayuthaya Spa – General Manager and Owner

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of commendation for you and your team. Thank you for the help and professional advice we receive before, during and after the take over of this company. We are a small contracting company and unfamiliar with this business of growing our business through acquisition. But in hindsight, over the many sessions, your professionalism and empathy with the parties really made it all possible. Big thank you again. I will stay in touch with the services your company offer and hope you can assist us in the future again.

Tony Ng S K, Director of Mastercraft Systems Pte Ltd