Artificial Intelligence for your Business?

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Using Artificial Intelligence In Sales Saves Time And Reveals New Opportunities

The emergence of the artificial intelligence technology is arguably the best thing to happen to the sales industry. When applied properly, it does not only save time. It also creates new leads. Here are a few ways to make artificial intelligence work for you.

Using chatbots

Nothing impresses potential customers like receiving instant answers to their enquiries. Instead of creating time to man your websites and social media accounts, you can have chatbots do that for you. It is needless to remind you that bots are built on artificial intelligence.

You will build a database of all the answers to all the possible questions that potential customers may ask. Your chatbots will have access to the database. The database has to be updated regularly. If a customer asks a question whose answer is not in the database, the chatbot will provide a phone number for the customer to call or provide his email address to receive the answer in less than 24 hours.

After that, the bot will send the question to backend for its database to be updated with the answer. The backend team will email the answer to the customer and also update the chatbot’s database with the answer. Apart from saving the time that would have been spent to man the website, the chatbot also provides an opportunity by saving the enquirer’s details for future adverts and follow-up if necessary.

Using applications to prioritize emails

Salesmen often get tons of emails. While some of them are leads that require urgent response, others are not that important. However, the problem is that a salesman may have to spend a considerable amount of time to read through all his emails to find out the ones that requires urgent follow up.

This is where artificial intelligence comes in. There are applications or bots built on artificial intelligence to comb through mails and pull out the ones that require urgent attention or follow up. This will save a lot of sales time and reveal good sales opportunity.

Coaching software

It is necessary to keep training your sales force regularly because new sales techniques emerge every day. Whenever a new sales technique comes up, it is better for your team to be among the first few to adopt the technique because new sales techniques are usually very effective when only few companies adopt it. So, you need to keep training your sales personnel regularly. Unfortunately, this will take sales managers away from their daily duties. This is why it is better to use training software or bots to train your employees. That way, the training won’t affect the daily routine of sales managers.

There are several other ways to save time by using artificial intelligence in sales and the few important ones discussed above are just some of them.

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