How To Make Your Business Grow On Its Own

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When you just start a new business, you will be everything to the company and you will have the urge to oversee the activities in every department. Of course, there is this feeling that your business can collapse without you. Well, it is acceptable during the early stage of the business.

You should begin to pull out gradually after hiring people. The more you continue to run things, the more your hinder the growth of your company and create a bottleneck for everyone. Here are a few tips to apply.

Stop answering questions and offering solutions

It is normal that your new employees will run to you when things are not going the way they should go. Well, there is nothing wrong in providing solutions to problems but the more you provide solutions the more you stop them from using their discretion and.

Instead, you should challenge them. Tell them you trust their judgment and that is why you hired them. They will figure out a way around the issue.

Take short vacations

You can take a short vacation and render yourself incommunicado to your employees. When you come back you will be able to find out where your attention may still be needed. You can work on those areas. You should also find some of the already-resolved issues that arose while you were away. This will give you an indication that your team is growing.

Be a get-it-done person

Don’t be a perfectionist. A perfectionist sees faults in the works done by others. If you are a perfectionist, you will end up putting a touch on everybody’s job and every task will always pass through your table. It is advisable to let the people you hire do their jobs. Sometimes their performance may not meet your standard but you need to allow them grow.

There is a reason you hired experienced hands in the first place. So, why don’t you give them the chance to demonstrate their level of experience? Let them learn from themselves. This is similar to the next point.

Making mistakes is part of growth

If you don’t allow your employees to make mistakes and learn from the mistakes, they won’t grow. A lot of bosses can’t take mistakes. They want everything done perfectly and they end up doing a lot of things themselves.

Think of it. Do you want to keep paying your employees and still keep doing their jobs? The only way to make them work for their pay is to step aside. Remember, one day you will get too old and you will be forced to retire. Are you going to wait till that time?

Lack of trust

Some bosses believe that their top employees may defraud them. Hire people with a reputation. Bill Gates has focused on his foundation and Steve Job is dead yet both Microsoft and Apple are still growing. You only need to hire good hands at the top.

If you don’t let your business run itself, how will you have the time to start another one? You need to delegate responsibilities. The more you stay away from the business the more you the business will be able to run itself.

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