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The biggest hindrance to full productivity is waste of time. Money that is lost can be recouped but lost time is lost for good. Unfortunately, a lot of CEOs and managers engage in several time wasting activities and they are not aware of it. 

Here are some time wasters that you should avoid completely.

Unnecessary meetings and emails

Are you one of the bosses that enjoy having regular meetings? If you spend just 2 hours for meetings and you have at least one meeting in a week, you will be wasting at least 8 hours in a month. In a year, that will amount to 96 wasted hours. Yet, you are wondering why your company has not reached its full potential.

Before scheduling a meeting, find out if the issue cannot be sent as an email. You could also create a chat group for the meeting and have it on the go. Having a regular meeting is the biggest time killer that you have to avoid.

Unnecessary emails also distract employees. So, copying people in emails should be strictly on need basis. No employee should receive an email that does not concern him or her. They are unnecessary interruptions. When an employee is distracted from a task, it may take him about 10 to 15 minutes to get back on track.

Poor prioritization of tasks

Every employee should be able to identify tasks that are both urgent and important. These tasks should be done first. Then they can move to tasks that are less important. A lot of employees handle least urgent and important tasks first because of poor prioritization of tasks. So, it is better to make sure your employees can prioritize their tasks well. It will make them more productive.


A lot of people are guilty of these. They carry out tasks at the last minute and this usually leads to a lot of errors. Most people cultivate this habit from their school days. If they have an assignment that should be submitted in 2 weeks, most students will only begin to do the assignment on the eve of the deadline. 

You must find a way to root out all forms of procrastination among your employees. However, you must conquer it personally before rooting it out from your organization completely.

Poor delegation

Some bosses are perfectionists so they end up doing a lot of tasks that should have been delegated while their own real tasks suffer. This is a bad idea. Such a manager will waste his time on wrong tasks and also deprive his subordinates opportunity to learn by handling some tasks themselves. 

These are some of the time wasters that you should eliminate to make better use of your official and non-official hours. 

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