Passion- The Key to Success for Business

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Truth be told, starting a business is difficult and making it a success is even tougher. In fact, according to a reliable report, about 90% of startups fail for different reasons. To make a business succeed a lot of challenges must be surmounted. Passion is the fuel that usually drives people through it all. So, anyone that needs to start a business must be passionate about the business.

Passion is required to convince investors and creditors

Convincing investors and creditors is the most difficult part of any business. It is necessary to convince them on the feasibility and viability of the proposed business to be able to raise funds. During this process, there’ll be numerous unanswered calls, many ignored emails, and the business owner will send proposals after proposals. Many appointments will be cancelled with flimsy excuses. As a matter of fact, frustration will be close by. Passion is the only fuel that can drive anyone through it all.

It is required to get the business going

It is possible for a new business to operate for several months before breaking even. During that period, there’ll be no salary and yet the entrepreneurs will fire on, living on their vision. Without a strong passion, no one can go that far.

Passion fans the embers of determination

Several people believe that determination is the real key to success of any business or endeavor. Yes, everyone needs a shot of determination to carry them through but passion is the foundation on which determination is built. It is the wings with which determination flies. You know why? Passion gives you the fulfillment you need to push forward. Take weight loss for instance, only the most passionate people actually get to achieve their weight loss goals. Many start the journey but only very few people get to finish it. The moment they notice a drop in their weight, they become more motivated to intensify their efforts. It is the passion to shed some weight that makes the little drop in weight motivating for them. 

Perseverance is built on passion

Another success ingredient is perseverance. Every entrepreneur encountered a period when it looked like the business was a failure but the passion to succeed made it easy for them to persevere. For examples,

•          Abraham Lincoln lost several elections before becoming the President of America.

•          Henry Ford failed several times before inventing a car.

•          Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before inventing a light bulb.

Remember, a lot of efforts, time, and financial resources went up in flames after each of the failures but they persevered because they were passionate about their dreams. Abraham Lincoln was passionate about serving America, Henry Ford was passionate about inventing a car, while Thomas Edison was also passionate about inventing a light bulb.

In conclusion, it is better to build a business or career on something one is passionate about. Indeed, passion is the key to business success. 

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