Your Email Might Be Preventing You From Being A Better Boss

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A lot of managers do not understand that certain email mistakes take their toll on their general productivity and competence as a manager. Here are some common email mistakes that managers should avoid.

Using email as the only form of communication all the time

Yes, sending an email is a good form of communication but it is not so good when urgency is involved. Not all your employees or team members will be in front of their PC all the time. Some employees that work in the inventory may have to physically count products and scan them in one after the other. During such a process, it is not likely that such employee will see or respond to emails quickly.

For instance, you want a particular staff to see you urgently, it is better to call him/her or send an SMS. Sending an email all the time makes it look like you are working like a robot.

Putting other members of the team in copy when scolding the team lead

While sending an email to the head of a unit, it is good to put other members of the team in copy so that everyone will be on the same page. When scolding the team lead, you will make him more embarrassed by copying his subordinates. You are exposing his incompetence to them. It is a very wrong email style. Send a mail to all of them to scold the team as whole. Then, send another one to their leader to scold him personally.

Knowing when to use “Reply” and “Reply All”

When you use the reply button, you will be replying only the sender but when you use the reply all button, you will be sending the reply to all the people in copy of the original mail. It is possible that your reply is useful to all the recipients of the email. For instance, the manager of a team may send an email to you to ask certain questions that all the members of his team need to know about. So, it is okay for him to copy all of them in the mail.

In that situation, you can use the reply all button because you want every one of them to get your reply. On the other hand, if there are people who do not need your reply in copy, it is better to use the reply button. Don’t waste your employees’ time by sending them an email that they don’t need. Once they receive it, they have to read it to the end before they realize it does not concern them. They will waste a tangible amount of time to do that.

Remove all ambiguities

When sending an email, it is better to keep it simple, clear, concise, and precise. This is the best way to remove all ambiguities. Once there is any form of ambiguity in your email, recipients will adopt the meaning that suits them even if they know what you mean.

For instance, when sending an email to your employees to wait behind for a meeting after closing hours, don’t use sentences like… “You may have to wait behind after work today”. They will take the “may” in it as an indication that waiting behind is optional. In that situation, it is better to say something like “it is necessary for everyone to wait behind…. “

Sending mails without proofreading it

Even if you run out of time, never send an email without proofreading it. You can make ridiculous blunders. In fact, you may pass the wrong message. Think of what omitting “not” will do to your email. You will mistakenly pass exactly opposite of the message you intended to pass.

Imagine if what you wanted to say is “You should not supply stock to distributors for now” and you omitted “not” in the email. Think of the implication. Not sending an email is better than making such an outrageous mistake and it is because you didn’t proofread your email after typing it. So, always proofread your emails no matter what.

While they are many other email mistakes that bosses make, the few discussed here are about the most important ones to avoid immediately.

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