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S$ 15,000,000

We are a Management Consulting and Trading Company in the Semiconductor, Solar and Pharmaceutical Industry.

S$ 1,680,000

Colour solutions and software company providing color coordinations for MNCs. Essentials for any industries that need to standardise colours with their products.

S$ 18,500,000

We are a one-stop design and production company specializing in original experiential and branding environmental installations for MNCs, retail, corporate and the government sectors. We are the market leader, extremely profitable and current revenue is $20 million. Don't miss this rarely available business. Call now!

S$ 7,000,000

We are one of the 5 major car-park management companies in Singapore. 80% of the car-parks we manage are Singapore Government Projects and our 2019 expansion plan is in place. This is a rare chance as this industry has a high barrier for entry. Don't Miss!

S$ 150,000

We are an after-school care centre, catering to primary school going students. Our services are beyond just day care, we develop fun and educational programs to engage our students, and to provide a holistic environment for them. Our vision is to enrich and nurture our students into future leaders, equipping them with essential skills to become fine adults.

S$ 2,950,000

Started 18 years ago, we are one of Singapore’s most renowned pastry shops with the most recognizable brand. Our unique selections and flavours of pastries, cakes and pies have garnered thousands of loyal private and corporate customers around the island.

S$ 5,000,000

Go Green! Save the world! Recycle now! A leading recycling company in Singapore for sale. Plastic, wood, metal, e-waste are materials the company recycle. Supply of standard and customized new and recycled pallets. Don't miss this rarely available business. Call now to request for sales-deck!

S$ 6,900,000

A well established and profitable learning and education center is for sale. We have all the necessary required certifications, including EduTrust, CPE, WSQ, WDA. Our overseas partners to customize curriculum, administer examinations and certifications are established. We also run degree programs for 2 renowned universities in England.

S$ 645,000

Our digital marketing agency is different from traditional marketing agency, we focus on results-based marketing in the digital world- driven and targeted brand promotion through technology and exceedingly organized. A rare chance to own this highly profitable and technology business. Call now!

S$ 899,000

We are a profitable corporate interior design firm, focusing to provide a one-stop commercial workplace solutions to clients from a wide spectrum of industries. We just acquired the coveted BCA License, which will propel our revenue upwards, as it qualifies us to bid for larger scale government and private projects. Call Us for further discussion!

S$ 1,164,000

We are a profitable one-stop system integrator providing full services in security, communication and network systems. After being in the market for 25 years, we have a very good reputation for being reliable and fast with the rare ability to be able to integrate complex systems at very competitive pricing.

S$ 500,000

We are a creative agency with exquisite flair in helping brands to create and share their stories. We create engaging and memorable experience that connects brands to their audience.