Language and Speech Therapy

Started 11 years ago, our experienced, highly-skilled team of speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists and educational therapists are dedicated to help children with language, motor and learning deficiencies to achieve their maximum developmental potential.
We also work with other professionals including psychologists, ENTs and neurologists and our clients are mostly referred to us by schools, psychologists and satisfied parents.

As we mostly serve children of high income earners in Singapore, our price is within the top-tier in the market. We consistently operate at full capacity and are very profitable with great potential to open up new markets locally and regionally, as parents, educators and the public are becoming more aware of the special needs of children.

We ensure to deliver quality personalized services including more face-time with parents and a holistic approach, which include school visitations by our therapists.

Call us if you desire to own an established, profitable and fulfilling business which will give you satisfaction in helping your clients to excel and achieve fuller lives. All materials, full-knowledge, trainings and staffs will be passed on to the new owner(s).


S$600,000 - 30% shares


Central Part of Singapore


S$1.6 million

Net Profit


Net Asset Included In The Sale


Company Type

Private Limited

GST Registered


Years in Business

11 years

Why Did We Set Up

We saw a great need and no one did it.

Owners Role


Owners Background

Speech Language Pathologist

Our Achievement

We are an industry leader serving the upper echelons of society at full capacity

Our Customer

A high percentage of our clients are the children of high income earners such as lawyers, bankers, scientists, doctors, business people, ambassadors and parliament ministers, who usually attend well-known local and international schools.

Our Competitor

A few



Full Time


Part Time


Premise Size

2800 sf

Lease Term

2 + 2 years


S$15,200 per month

Trading Hours

9am - 5pm

Training By Owner



Yes, but preferably not due to proximity to clienteles

Reasons For Selling

To pass to the next level leader for greater growth

Cash For Expansion


Back Up Cash


Staff Staying


Training By Owner


Expansion Potential

Very good

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