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Our premium Oolong Tea is cultivated in our own plantation in the Wu Yi Mountains (武夷山) the Northern Fujian province of China, where legendary Oolong Teas are born.

With the rise of Oolong tea’s popularity and demand in the world, it is important to work directly with reputable and trustworthy suppliers, who ensures the authenticity and quality of their teas. Cutting the middle-men, we are able to offer premium oolong teas of unparalleled quality at very competitive prices.

We specialize in growing and supplying the best 3 Oolong Teas:


This is the King of the Famous Five Rock Teas in the Wu Yi Mountain of China, defiantly growing in the gaps of the mountain boulders, endowing it with the highly prized ‘yan yun’ or mineral ‘rock taste’. In 1998, the Chinese government put it up for sale for the first time and was sold to a group of auctioneers for almost $900,000.

Our premium grade Wuyi Da Hong Pao offers rich aromas of roasted vegetables, sweet honey and wet stones. Delicately spicy with robust, rounded texture and subtle ripe peach juiciness, our first grade Da Hong Pao is competitively priced at $128/kg.


Shui xian is a popular variety of Oolong Tea and one of the favourites among Gong Fu tea drinkers. Our Shui xian originates from the high mountains of Wu Yi Shan and is believed to have higher mineral contents compared to the cheaper varieties which are grown elsewhere in the province.

Our unparalleled Shui xian brews to a dark brown colour and has a peachy-honey taste with a slight mineral-rock flavour. Strong, full-bodied oolong with a refreshing floral aftertaste and smoother mouthfeel, our first grade Shui Xian is well-priced at $96/kg.

ROU GUI (肉桂)

Rou Gui is the latest tea added to Wu Yi’s famous 5 bushes. Also known as Cassia Oolong, Bohea Cassia or Yu Gui, this oolong tea has a warm and sweet cassia bark like aroma, while later infusions yield floral sweet aroma. Our first grade Rou Gui is competitively priced at $144/kg.

We are proud to offer deep and wide selection of the finest rock oolongs from Wuyi. We have the capacity to supply distributors and wholesalers worldwide.


S$128 per kg (Da Hong Pao), S$96 per kg (Shuixian), S$144 per kg (Rou Gui) – All Premium Grade


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