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Keeping your company financials in order or having a proper financial record is necessary for your company growth and development because it enables you to know the financial position of your company at any given time or every accounting period. At any time you discover that your expenses are exceeding your income, you can quickly change your management ideas and strategies or make all the necessary adjustments that will put your company in a good financial standing.


So, while this may feel like a task, proper organization and financial management can make the activity very easy and convenient. The following procedure may be taken in order to achieve your objective of keeping your company financials in order:


Sorting your financial documents


This step involves simplifying your finances. Here, you need to separate your financial documents. You can break them down into bank statements, loans records, investment records, tax returns, insurance documents/records, legal documents, employee records (if you have people on your payroll), and so on.


Filing your documents


Upon separating your documents, you can file them separately. For example, you can open a file exclusively for financial documents such as bank statements, loan records, credit card information, etc.


Another file may be opened for your investment documents. If your company is into various investments, you can differentiate the files but you must have a cabinet for investment files. Let’s say your company invests in treasury bills, stocks and bonds, shares, real estate, oil and gas et al. You can open separate files for all these investment types so that you can quickly locate a document on a specific investment type. For example, if you need a document on real estate, you will be able to locate it within a few minutes.


Insurance documents can have their own file too. There are different types of insurance policies that company management and/or business owners can undertake for their business. Whichever insurance policy you have undertaken, you should be able to have a proper documentation for it.


Having a file for your income tax returns should equally be considered. Tax evasion is a criminal offense in many countries. So, you do not want to get into trouble with the relevant tax authorities. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a separate file for this. So, that you can confidently face the tax authorities should a need arise. Again, having a proper tax record will also provide information on your net income or net profit at the end of every accounting period.


Furthermore, the above ideas are just a few suggested ways of keeping a proper financial record. However, following them can make it very easy for you to find old financial documents. For example, you can find your tax return for last year or previous year in a matter of minutes. In addition, proper financial management is always advocated for business owners or managers because it prevents businesses or companies from running into losses. That is, it basically checks a company’s excessive spending as against her income.


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